Mauritius is situated in the Indian Ocean with an area of 1,865 square kilometres. It has a population of approximately 1.2 million people of African, Chinese, Indian and European origin. English is the official language but the majority of people speak both English and French fluently.

The main components of the Mauritian economy are its well established sugar industry, manufacturing, upmarket tourism and more recently financial services.

Mauritius has grown in stature since creating an international finance centre in the early 90s and 20 years on it is the international business centre of choice for many clients and professionals seeking to take advantage of its strategic position in the heart of the Indian Ocean region. Positioned between Asia and Africa, and benefitting from a time zone that places it between Europe and the dynamic economies of India and the Far East, Mauritius has developed one of the most open and stable economies in the region.

Mauritius is a sovereign, independent republic whose parliamentary system is based upon the British system of parliamentary democracy. Its willingness to embrace new ideas has led to the creation of a highly effective modern legal and regulatory system, where ‘best practice’ has been readily adopted no more so than its governing financial services law and through its regulation of the financial services sector by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission.

One of the major benefits of Mauritius is its wide network of Double Taxation Treaties which have made Mauritius the natural base for structuring inward and outward investments into India, China and many African nations. Details of these comprehensive treaties can be found here.

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