Protected Cell Compaines

A Protected Cell Company (PCC) is a special legal structure made up of cellular assets or non-cellular assets or a combination of both cellular and non-cellular assets. It provides legal segregation of net assets attributable to each cell of the company. The cellular assets attributed to a cell will only be affected by the liability of the company arising from transaction attributable to that cell. This legal segregation is often described as ‘ring fencing’. Further, a PCC may effect distributions in respect of cell shares by reference only to the cellular assets and liabilities attributable to the cell in respect of which the cell shares were issued.

Given this ring fencing, a PCC structure is very useful for any investment entity with various investment portfolios, where each has its own investment strategy and risk profile and is even more attractive where investors are not common in each portfolio. PCCs can be used for asset holding, structured finance, captive insurance and investment funds.

Uses of a PCC include:

  • Tax planning
  • Asset Holding
  • Collective Investment Schemes and Closed-Ended Funds
  • Insurance Business

Our Services include:

  • Formation of the relevant entities within the structure
  • Provision of company secretarial services and registered office
  • Provision of Mauritius resident directors and officers
  • Provision of nominee shareholders
  • On-going administration including processing of transactions, maintenance of statutory and corporate records and undertaking relevant statutory filings
  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Management of banking facilities