Jersey has been recognised by many international bodies, including the G7 Financial Stability Forum, as being one of the top finance centres in the supervision and regulation of financial services.

Confidentiality and security are assured for legitimate businesses and investors through the customary law governing bank/customer and professional/client relationships. A comprehensive framework of legislation, coupled with on-going checks and balances employed throughout the industry, means that every effort is made to provide protection from illegal activities in any financial dealings.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has assessed Jersey as complying, or largely complying, with 44 of the 49 recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). When last assessed, only three other jurisdictions scored 40 or more – the US and Singapore scored 43 and Belgium 42. This places Jersey among the top jurisdictions for compliance with FATF recommendations. The UK has been assessed as complying, or largely complying, with just 36 of the recommendations.

Regulation and supervision of the finance industry is the remit of the Jersey Financial Services Commission. The Commission applies strict scrutiny guidelines when granting licenses to operate any type of financial business in Jersey. Further details of the Commission's role and responsibilities can be found on its own website (

Minerva Trust & Corporate Services Limited is regulated in Jersey by the Jersey Financial Services Commission

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