Underlying and Standalone Companies

An underlying company is a legal entity set up by a corporate shareholder or the trustee to hold part or all of the assets transferred to the shareholder or the trust.

Its main purpose is to isolate the management of the assets from the ownership vehicle (e.g. the trust) in order to clearly separate the trusteeship function from the management of the assets function.

Sometimes, clients prefer to have their assets in a standalone company that they own or that they ask a nominee shareholder to hold on their behalf.

Uses and Advantages of an underlying company include:

  • Segregation of the assets into two or more companies to minimise risks
  • Extended tax planning possibilities

Our Services include:

  • Set up of the company (drafting of the by-laws, filing at the registry of commerce etc)
  • Provision of board members
  • Provision of nominee shareholders
  • Cooperation with our legal and tax experts to optimise tax wise the structure