Private Trust Companies

The sole purpose of a private trust company (PTC) is to act as a trustee of a family trust or a series of trusts, all for the benefit of different members of the family. The board of directors of a PTC will usually include members of the family, possibly the settlor and other immediate family members and trusted family advisors. In this way the family can actively participate in the decisions taken by the PTC as trustee, including decisions relating to the control and management of companies owned by the PTC.

Uses and Advantages of a Private Trust Company include:

  • Structuring of high value or high risk assets - Ability to hold high risk assets which an institutional trustee maybe unwilling or unable to hold directly
  • Confidentiality - Easier to control access to, and disclosure of, confidential information, especially when family members are appointed to the board
  • Retain control and influence - Family members are appointed to the board to carry out the decision making process and therefore retain control over family assets
  • A PTC integrates easily with a Multi-Family Office
  • Costs – Whilst the cost of establishing a PTC may be higher than the costs of a simple trust, the on-going costs may be less

Our services include:

  • Incorporation of a PTC in a variety of jurisdictions including Jersey and BVI
  • Provision of registered office or registered agent
  • Provision of company secretary
  • Provision of nominee shareholders to hold PTC shares
  • Provision corporate directors