International Offshore Companies

Minerva can form and manage international offshore companies from Dubai. There are many jurisdictions available but these mainly include Jersey and BVI companies.

Uses and advantages of international offshore companies


  • For estate planning to remove individual ownership of assets out of certain jurisdictions, for example:

o A holding company for a UAE offshore company owning UAE property

o A holding company for operational companies

o An investment holding vehicle (e.g. investment portfolios, banks accounts)


  • Jurisdictions such as Jersey and the BVI have a proven track record with a good legal infrastructure to provide peace of mind to clients
  • Internationally better known than UAE offshore companies which may make them more appropriate for certain international transactions

As with UAE offshore companies, certain local restrictions apply which include:

  • Trading locally within the UAE
  • Renting a dedicated office in the UAE
  • Obtaining residence visas for officers and shareholders
  • Being issued with a tax residency certificate from the UAE Ministry of Finance
  • Owning Dubai based real estate
  • In addition, as a rule, foreign offshore company documents will need to be legalised before being accepted by authorities and banks in the UAE

Our services include:

  • Formation of the international offshore company
  • Provision of company secretary and registered office
  • Provision of Dubai based administrative office
  • Provision of Dubai based directors and officers
  • Provision of nominee shareholders
  • On-going administration, including processing of transactions, maintenance of statutory and corporate records and undertaking relevant statutory filings
  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Management of banking facilities