BL magazine features aspects of Channel Islands practitioners’ relationships with Africa and India

25 June 2017

When BL magazine canvassed Channel Islands practitioners’ for their views to include in articles revisiting African and Indian themes, it was natural they would look to Minerva for whom these territories are very much home ground.

BL Magazine is a bi-monthly business and lifestyle magazine distributed widely in Jersey, Guernsey and across the UK. Together with its website, BL magazine aims to reflect the thoughts, vision and business capability of Channel Islands professionals.

Although Minerva often has the opportunity to contribute to the broad range of business topics BL magazine covers, the most recent editions of the magazine included articles on Channel Islands firms doing business in India and Africa. We thought the perspectives of Channel Islands practitioners’ on these markets might be of interest to readers who have much closer connections or interests in these regions.

Click here for the ‘Slow Road to Africa’ article, in which the author draws on the thoughts of a few selected Jersey professions, including Minerva’s Sailesh Navsaria. The article highlights the strong belief amongst Channel Islands’ businesses that Africa is a key growth market for them, although acknowledges that in some respects, Mauritius is better placed to serve the market than Jersey and Guernsey. Minerva is fortunate to have a large and long-established presence in Mauritius and it is routine for our Jersey and Mauritius offices to work together in structuring the requirements of our sub-Saharan Africa connected clients.

For the ‘Passage Back to India’ article click here. In this, Minerva director Neel Sahai is widely quoted and explains that whilst commitment and patience are required to be successful in India, Jersey does have an attractive value proposition. Aside from building trust with India based intermediaries, Neel highlights the flexibility and success of the Jersey Private Funds regime arousing interest in the sub-continent particularly now that direct foreign investment routed through Mauritius no longer enjoys the same tax treaty benefits as it once did.

If you would like to learn more about the services Minerva group provides to private and corporate clients with sub-Saharan African or Asian connections then please contact either Sailesh or Neel, contact details below:

Sailesh Navsaria
Head of Global Markets, Africa
Tel: +44 (0)1534 702820

Neel Sahai
Head of Global Markets, Asia
Tel: +44 (0)1534 702897


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