MTC Trust & Corporate Services Limited

MTC Trust & Corporate Services Limited is a Nairobi-based trust and corporate services provider, the principal shareholder of which is Meghraj Group. Created in 2012, MTC draws on the wealth of fiduciary and financial services experience possessed within Meghraj and MTC’s affiliate Minerva Group.

MTC offers services to high net worth East African based individuals, families, financial institutions and corporate entities helping them deal effectively with the ownership, administration and succession planning around high value assets such as shares in family businesses, property, and other more liquid investments.

MTC also specialises in assisting international corporate investors structure the ownership of their capital investments in sub-Saharan Africa in an effective manner.

Under the direction of an experienced Nairobi-based board, whose careers span a broad range of legal, banking, and corporate services professions, MTC provides highly bespoke solutions tailored to meet the individual needs of its personal and corporate clients. At the heart of this is the pride MTC takes in building long-lasting relationships with clients, their families, and the professional intermediaries with whom it works.

MTC’s deep roots in Africa coupled with local and international connections, knowledge and experience make it ideally positioned to assist clients in this most dynamic phase of sub-Saharan Africa’s development.

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